Some women wear joy like a jacket. They effortlessly smile, wave, and embrace others with a genuine sense of happiness. I admired people like that from afar but never thought I could be one of them. I wished I could order up joy like a side of fries. Ironically, today people would probably say I […]

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Chart a course

Chart a Course is the an invitation to embark on the greatest journey life offers. A journey with God as the captain of our lives. The story explores the analogy between ancient sea navigation and spiritual navigation. Chart a Course uncovers what it means to tune into His voice, to search His word, and to set a course bearing in life that aligns with His design. Jessica shares her personal journey from a life adrift, to one full of adventure and purpose. Will you embark on a journey worth a lifetime of surrender? Are you ready to Chart a Course?



My favorite quote by Jessica Carey, "Skepticism parades itself as wisdom to keep us stuck in a place of fear."

Nancy L.

"Jessica escorts the reader through a sea-worthy adventure of falling in love over and over with God. Brutally honest walk with God as a reminder that He does indeed fill the holes of the heart and quiets the spirit."

Valerie M.

"Having a destination to aim for gives each of us purpose and meaning; and when we allow God to determine our course, He will bring the resources and crew we need exactly when we need them. Jessica's book Chart A Course beautifully navigates the journey of discovering where you are going, how to get there, who to bring along and most importantly why."