Body Confidence Gift Wishlist

November 29, 2022

Body Confidence Gift Wishlist

The holiday season can cause a lot of body insecurity. You might not like showing up from work parties to family gatherings because of how you feel about your body. I want to help you start loving and honoring your body, right where it is. If you haven’t signed up for “5 Quick Habits to Build Body Confidence,” what’s stopping you? It will help you start the process of loving the skin you are in.

I am sharing my body confidence wishlist, which has several products and resources that have helped me implement the habits I share. If you always feel derailed around the holidays this is the list for you. Here are a few of my favorite fitness and body confidence-building things.

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Body Confidence Gift Wishlist

Reduce 40 oz Water Tumbler

Many people have trouble drinking enough water. Not surprisingly, an average glass of water is about 8oz, and according to the National Institute of Medicine, women should drink about 91oz daily. That would mean 11 glasses per day! This large water tumbler is an excellent substitute for refilling your cup 11 times daily. It has four key features that make it my favorite. First, it fits in MOST car cup holders…a must for busy mamas. Second, it has a straw. I don’t know why people drink more with a straw, but it is overwhelmingly true; evidently, it’s science. Third, it is double-walled, so your drink stays hot or cold, depending on your preference. Lastly, it is 40oz!! I only have to fill it up three times to hit my water goals.

Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon

If you need more encouragement and some very inspiring reading, I suggest this gem by Dr. Linda Bacon. She goes into great detail about how society, healthcare, and the government have erroneously propagated fat politics and food politics. It is a very eye-opening read that taught me and many others that a number on a scale doesn’t determine health.

Colorfulkoala Women’s High-Wasted Yoga Pants

Leggings are a staple for life. Whether you work out in these or not, you will feel good in them. They have many color choices and a few patterns for those who like bold looks! I love the high waist and the pockets because every woman needs a place for her phone and some $$.

Yoga Mat

Even if you do nothing but child’s pose to help your body relax this holiday season, it is nice to do it on a great yoga mat! I do pilates or yoga weekly to let my body stretch and rest. I love that this option isn’t a fortune and has a center line so you can see how to line up your feet and knees in an epic warrior 2 posture.

Ankle Weights

Walking is one of the best exercises for our bodies. It can be done almost anywhere, and it is free! Adding these lightweight ankle cuffs can help an ordinary walk transform into a strength-boosting stroll! Adjustable weights allow you to increase them as you gain strength. They can also be used as armbands!

The items on my body confidence gift wishlist are just a few things I use in my home to move my body joyfully. I do yoga, pilates, and weight training, and I walk regularly. These are products to help you move to feel healthy and strong. 

I want to encourage you that you are not alone; if you face the holidays with significant body shame or insecurity, you are not alone. Many suffer during this season, and it doesn’t always have to do with external appearances or comments. Our inner struggle can be extremely toxic.

I’d love for you to join my 5 day series on building body confidence, which also has an invitation to a private Facebook group. In the group, we discuss body insecurity, shame, and how we can reformat toxic thinking about our appearances. Sign up today and start the journey of loving the skin you are in.

Mucho Love,

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