I spent some time over this past summer with a friend and I casually mentioned something that I felt God had told me. His response was, “God doesn’t talk to me.” That made me so sad because I genuinely believe that God is willing to talk to everyone. However, there is a lot of noise […]

Habits to Hear the Voice of God

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Habits to hear the voice of God


The idea of borrowing faith seemed unlikely for me before I had to actually draw on the reserves of others in order to move forward. My understanding was that faith is an individual thing. It was personal. I didn’t think that we could borrow faith or stand on the belief of others. However, I am a living testimony to the reality that this is part of growing in faith.

Borrowing Faith


Borrowing Faith


For those of you who know me, you know that I recently took a job as a full-time substitute teacher at my kid’s middle school. I am with teenagers five days a week. Let’s just say there are some kids that are going to be amazing adults. There are others who need a whole lot […]

5 Scriptures to Pray Over Your Teen

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5 Scriptures to pray over your teen


Facing Fear with Faith: A Story “Truman!” My husband gasped. I turned around to see my young son sitting stunned. I realized he wasn’t conscious although his eyes were open. In a matter of a few seconds, he regained consciousness in pain. He had been teetering on a metal railing like a typical eleven-year-old boy […]

Facing Fear with Faith: A Story


Facing Fear with Faith


My brother and sister-in-law have adopted this amazing encouraging phrase for their daughter who is two. When she gets hurt by falling over or running into something, they immediately tell her to say, “I’m tough.” After she says it through her tears they tell her to say “I’m super tough.” Humor is an effective tool to diffuse tense situations and build connections to our children. How can we incorporate humor to parent well?

Using Humor to Parent Well

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Using humor to parent well.


If you are a Mom you have experienced a sleepless night. Guaranteed. Whether sleeplessness was from waking to care for a sick child, or worried for a teenager who missed curfew you’ve been there and done that. What did you do to overcome the anxiety and knock-on physical depletion from an unwanted all-nighter? I used to drink copious amounts of coffee. Then I tried a regimented night-time routine for everyone in the house. (That lasted for about a week) Lastly, I got some really powerful advice from a friend and a pastor. My cure for sleeplessness was going to battle in prayer.

My Cure for Sleeplessness


cure for sleeplessness


In my house most people call me “Mom.” That means I gave birth to a couple of the members of our household, two of them to be exact. While the title of mom implies that biologically I am responsible for their upbringing it encompasses so much more. I didn’t have any grand ideas about how beautifully warm and fuzzy motherhood would be. I had done enough babysitting and nannying to know that children can be tiny terrorists. However, I didn’t fully understand ALL that it would require.

Motherhood: Hills and Valleys

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I relate all too well with my friend. I pack every moment of every day with something. Whether it is work, laundry, a lunch date, serving at church, or attending the third baseball game of the week my schedule is packed. I like it that way. There is something about being busy that validates I am contributing to society. The problem with that mindset is that it depletes us over time. We cannot go 100 miles per hour without occasionally taking time to fill the tank.

Filling Your Tank


What Fills Your Tank


I am so inspired by all the house cleaning tips that come up on my Pinterest feed these days. I LOVE life hacks about how to clean more efficiently, mostly because they give me more time to do the things I really enjoy! In honor of all of us who love a good spring clean, […]

Spring Cleaning – Courage to Clear the Air in Conflict

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courage in conflict


I was turning toward home when I realized I needed a few things at the store. I picked up some fruit, dishwashing soap, and a loaf of bread. I was heading to checkout when I saw her. My new neighbor walking directly towards me. I knew it was her because she was wearing the same clothing I had seen her in only a few minutes before. This was the do or die moment. I knew God was calling me out to PRACTICE WHAT I PREACHED!

Practice What You Preach


Practice what you Preach