Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ. It’s Jesus’ birthday. The fact that we GET gifts on His birthday is a testimony to God’s grace and generosity. This year consider reducing the volume of gifts you give to three purposeful and intentional gifts. Maybe this year you could try and give Jesus three gifts too!

3 Gifts for a King

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My friends today might find this shocking but I wasn’t a great friend before I met my husband, Alex. I was socially awkward, distant, and aloof. I struggled with building strong lasting friendships. Let’s put it to you this way I was only a bridesmaid in one wedding and that was for my sister. (Obligatory […]

Top Friendship Habits I Learned from my Husband



Some women wear joy like a jacket. They effortlessly smile, wave, and embrace others with a genuine sense of happiness. I admired people like that from afar but never thought I could be one of them. I wished I could order up joy like a side of fries. Ironically, today people would probably say I […]

5 Habits of Joyful People


Free Guide: The Perseverance Worksheet

Getting ready to set sail? Here are a few things to help you get your sea legs.