Fun Date Ideas for Christian Couples

May 21, 2021

dates for christians

I almost didn’t write this blog because I am of the mindset that being a Christian doesn’t limit my dates. However, I recognize that as Christians we are meant to be set apart from the culture we find ourselves in. We wouldn’t want to go to a strip club and pretend like that was totally acceptable. Mostly, because it objectifies women and men and lowers their value to a sex object rather than a child of God. There are some really fabulous date night ideas that will not only protect your faith but will also grow your relationship. Who’da thunk you could have both? If you are single…these are also awesome ideas for a “Ladies Night Out!”

Nature Dates

  • Hiking – I love to hike because it gives you time to talk, ask questions, and do something healthy for your body. Before you say that is impossible for me, please know that hiking has varying fitness levels based on the trails near you. I use the All Trails app to find local hikes. The app filters the hike by distance, fitness or experience level, and whether or not it has a great view. 
  • Canoeing, Kayaking, or Paddleboarding – If there is a local body of water this is another great idea to get outside and do something active together. Being on the water is fun and if you live somewhere hot it is a great way to cool off. If you are unsure or a beginner check with a rental place that might provide you with some pointers or a quick lesson before you get out into the deep. 
  • Picnic in the park – This is one of my all-time favorite things to do. Pack a bag or small cooler with all that you will need. Here’s a great list of what to bring on a romantic picnic date from The Zestful Kitchen. Don’t overdo it and have to drag a huge cooler to the park! Think like a french woman or man and grab some cheese, bread, fruit, meat (like salami or prosciutto), and olives. The real key to making it romantic is bringing real dishes and utensils. Even if you don’t drink, serve your sparkling water in wine glasses. Don’t forget the picnic blanket, and as a bonus bring a little bug spray like Buggins and give the outer edges of your blanket a spray before you set out the food!

Foodie Dates

  • Food Truck Extravaganza – Find local markets that offer multiple food truck experiences. Try something new and fun together. I remember a time when my husband tried a deep-fried oreo for the first time and I thought he might die and go to heaven at first bite. 
  • Exotic Eats – Go on Yelp and select all of the ethnic foods you have NOT tried and then try to find a restaurant that serves a type of food that NEITHER of you has tried. Bonus points for asking the waiter for their recommendations. If you live in a small town with limited options try and order one of these “Take Out Kits,” and make your own at home. I am going to try the Ethiopian Lentils one I think!
  • Make Your Own Pasta Night – There is nothing better in the world than homemade noodles and the beauty is that they are not THAT hard to make. Find a recipe online and do your best to create your very own pasta at home. It could get very “saucy”! (Pun and horrible joke intended)
  • Take a Cooking Class – If you both need to sharpen your skills in the kitchen this is one of the most fun date nights you can do. Learn to make your own sushi, french bread, or souffle! I have found many different varieties of cooking classes for an affordable price on Groupon.

Art Appreciation Dates

  • Museum Exhibits and Local Art Festivals – Find a local art museum or festival. Stroll the halls or tents and find paintings, sculptures, and photographs that you like. Do your artistic tastes align? How are they different? You can learn a lot about someone by observing the art they love. 
  • Painting Class – There has been a recent surge in wine and paint nights across the country and for good reason. THEY ARE A BLAST! I’m a terrible artist but I love the step-by-step instructions and comparing my version to my husband’s. Let’s just say he is the one that had an art teacher for a Mama. 
  • DIY Holiday Decor Challenge – This is a really inexpensive idea whereby each person gets a limited budget to head to the Dollar Store and buy materials to create a holiday decor item for the next holiday in the calendar. It is super fun to see what kinds of ideas you can come up with! Pinterest can be involved in brainstorming for sure.

Concerts, Classical and Comedy

  • Concerts – The sky is the limit on this date night idea. Most cities offer some variety of free concert series during the summer months when the weather is good. Check out what might be playing in your local park for free! Of course, you can always get tickets for a favorite band or musician. 
  • Classical – Don’t forget about classical ensembles as well…these always feel ultra-fancy! Jazz clubs are super fun and typically allow for conversations to occur simultaneously. If you are into a little more spicy style try a flamenco, salsa, or merengue night…dancing could be involved!
  • Comedy – Stand-up clubs, open-mic nights, and especially improv clubs are a good option if you know that the humor is relatively clean. (Beware because these can get dicey pretty quick.) An alternative that you can watch at home that I LOVE is “DryBar Comedy.” This is an app that you can stream shows to your smart tv and they are all clean standup routines.

Dating is supposed to be fun. While Christians may not do everything that their secular counterparts do, that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy life. I hope this list gives you some great ideas to explore new things, have meaningful conversations with your partner, and strengthen your love for one another. If you are married don’t stop dating! It is one of the single greatest contributing factors to marriage satisfaction. What are your favorite date night ideas? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

Mucho Love,

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