Work, home, laundry, bills, a night out...repeat? Is that all there is to life? You find yourself going through the motions. Ticking the boxes. Deep down you know you were made for more. More insight, influence, impact. You know there is a bigger plan but you are unsure of how to begin. 

Maybe you've felt like this

Sound impossible? Keep reading! 

Encourage you to embark and embrace even the most dangerous dreams

Challenge you to build the right crew to get you through 

Equip you with tools to navigate every season

Help you clarify the plan God has for your life.


God is inviting you to set sail into the unknown of your future. The journey is full of promise, peril, and powerful transformation. Chart a Course tells my story of how I began the adventure and how I continue on the journey.

If you are looking for inspiration and a friend to help guide you. I am that friend. Chart a Course is that inspiration. 

There is a way

- You feel like you've been trying to make your relationship with God a task to check off each day

- You struggle with finding your purpose

- The storms you are facing seem impossible to overcome

- You feel like your relationship with Jesus has become mundane

This is for You If

I've known Jesus most of my life but my real adventure began just over 15 years ago when I finally surrendered. I embarked on a lifetime journey with Jesus as my captain. From that moment, I navigated marriage, motherhood, and moving eight times across more than 11k miles. I lived overseas, launched several businesses, served on multiple ministry teams, and built a community in four major cities. I had to learn to rely on God’s faithfulness in every situation.
It’s not easy but it is simple. 
I hope to become your friend who encourages you to trust God and take literal "leaps of faith". My prayer is that you would step into all that God has planned for you.

A cheerleader who never held the pompoms.

I'm Jess.


Chart a Course is designed to help you plan, prepare, persevere, and celebrate the journey God designed you to take.  Are you ready to pull up anchor and set sail? 

Are you ready?