Words have power

December 1, 2020

words have power

Think of your biggest fan. Their words have power. 

Now think of the biggest critique in your life. Their words have power. 

No matter whether the words we hear are uplifting or condemning they have the ability to build us up or tear us down.

Equally true are the words we speak. They have the ability to build up or tear down.

Words start in our hearts.

Luke 6:45 (NLT)What you say flows from what is in your heart.

I have a girlfriend who is one of my biggest fans. Her words are uplifting even when they are stretching me. Her ability to help lean into all God has called me to do is supernatural. I cling to the words she shares because they breathe new life into me, my dreams, and my destiny. 

I have had a few relationships in life that crushed me too. Every word that was exchanged was a negative one. No matter the topic, the end result was critical, impossible, and disastrous. Their words offered no hope. I would feel defeated.

As I have spent some time over this weekend reflecting I began to ask myself “which type am I?” Do I uplift or belittle? How do I speak to my children? My husband? My siblings? My parents? As I considered each group of people I determined that I am very consistent in encouraging friends. Like my friend who champions me…I am pretty good at helping others believe in themselves.

However, as the circle grew ever closer to me I realized I was more and more hesitant to spread hope. I was cautious with my words. 

Instead of, “Go for it!” I might say, “Have you considered the time you will spend, is it something you see yourself doing long term, is this a good use of your talents?” Do you see how my responses are laced with doubt? I quickly justified that I was a “realist”. I was trying to protect my family from disappointment or wasting precious time with frivolous activities and people. 

If I sow doubt, my kids may choose to stand on the sidelines instead of trying out for the team. If I sow uncertainty, my husband may stay in a position too long and miss out on a GOD opportunity. You see my words have power. They have weight. I could easily shrink into a self-loathing stupor about how I haven’t gotten it right. Or I can remind myself daily that what I speak will either open doors and pave the way, or shrink my family and life into contained mediocrity. 

No thanks. My God is bigger. He wants me to believe in more. He doesn’t want me to settle for the lowest rung of the ladder. Humanity too often settles there. I’m meant to CLIMB. My words are the rungs on the ladder. 

I choose to be like my girlfriend and speak the kind of words that build up. I want to help my family, friends, and acquaintances rise up. I can start by using my words.

Power words:

  • You CAN
  • You WILL succeed if you don’t give up
  • You are MORE than enough
  • You were CREATED and CRAFTED uniquely
  • You SEE things others don’t
  • You are full of JOY
  • You are FUN
  • You are an INCLUSIVE friend
  • You are SMARTER than what that test shows. 
  • You are GENEROUS
  • You are a PROBLEM SOLVER 
  • You are BRAVE

If you just spent a few minutes reading this list did you notice you started to feel happier? That’s because your words have power. If you are feeling low, it’s time you started speaking words of life over yourself. If you have a habit of being critical like I do, it’s time to short circuit those thoughts with powerful words. If you want your family, your children, and your friends to succeed…you must help them believe! What is something that was said to you that changed your life in a positive way? I’d love to hear how a powerful word helped you. 

Much love,

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